4 Tips For Best Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your home clean is a lot easier with some help from Captain Carpet Cleaners, so you can consider yourself lucky that Mcdowell Benedetti Architects & Carpet Cleaning is on your side to help you and give you the right piece of advice.

Use Some Washing Powder On The Stain

The very first tips is also the most logical one, the moment the stain occurs, make sure you clean up and put some washing powder on the stain and some water. In most cases this should prevent the stain from leaving a permanent mark on your carpet and prevent it from sticking in. This especially goes for stains made by liquids and some other materials such as dry earth or dairy products for example. But of course much will depend on the material that the carpet is made of, as well as the colors of the fabric and the texture of the fabric. If the carpet is decorated in a specific pattern it can make things a lot more complex on the one hand, whereas on the other hand, it can also help the stain blend with all the rest of the design.

Wine Stains On White Carpets

One of the most frequent occurrences that we have seen so far are the wine stains. Nothing special if your carpet is in a darker color, but if you have light color carpet, then the wine stain, especially the one made with red wine can be really frustrating. When it comes to wine stains, they are best removed right away, but make sure that you immediately put some dry salt on the stain. It will break down the stain and leave it a lot less visible, so when we or you try to remove it the next time – it will leave a lot better effects.

Food Stains

When it comes to food stains it is important not to scrub too much because the food will only enter the fabric even more and it will be more difficult to remove. Not impossible, but difficult. So make sure that you first scoop up the remains of the food with a vacuum cleaner or broom or hand. Again, this will all depend on the type of the food and the texture and color of the fabric. If you drop some juicy lasagna on the carpet that has long hair, which is on top of that white – the most important thing is not to panic. Take out the pieces of food carefully, instead of rubbing it in try to remove the stain right away. After that use product for stain removal or some vinegar and see whether the stain removes itself after that.