About Us

Here’s the page that everyone has been waiting for to learn more about us, Mcdowell Benedetti Architects & Carpet Cleaning! We have started off as a carpet cleaning service, but soon we have concluded that it was not enough to express all that we have to offer! From then on, the business grew in the areas of architecture and design, helping numerous of customers have their experience bettered with their home improvement projects, their architectural projects and their design projects. The experience that we have accumulated over the years has also left us with great stories to tell, great tips to share, not to mention lots and lots of satisfied clients. Nowadays, we are looking forward into the future and sharing our tips with lots of folks online as well. We have a whole lot to offer and share with anyone willing to contact us. We also expect to soon grow our business across the continents and take part in making homes around the world better for living. We also expect to expand our business in terms of employees and we will share details on that when the time comes. For the time being we are more than satisfied with what we have achieved so far and new projects are on the horizon so that makes us all fuzzy and warm inside as well.