101 On How To Fit Your Carpets With Your Home Decorum

Learning how to fit your carpets with your existing home decorum is one of our strengths here at Captain Carpet Cleaners. Also Mcdowell Benedetti Architects & Carpet Cleaning has some amazing tips for you that you can use in your home. Even if you have no experience with home decorum, these tips will definitely help you make all the right choices for your family and your home.

Decorations And Carpet Fabric

If you want to choose a carpet that will fit perfectly in your home, then you need to take a closer look to your decorations before you choose a carpet. The best thing would be to first consider what kind of carpet fabric you want. Usually, minimal designs work well with luscious carpets because they add the sense of luxury to the room. The vice-versa works great as well, if you have plenty of decorum in your home a simple carpet fabric won’t steal the show. It is all about balance and this goes for everything in your home. On top of that, you home should express your personality and your entire household’s style.

The Placement Of Your Carpets

Fitting a carpet under your king size bed is a great idea, but what if it is a lavish carpet that you would like to show off? Treat it like any other piece of decorum in your home and find a spot for it that will help put it in the limelight. Furthermore, you should not place a long hair carpet somewhere a lot of people will walk through with their shoes on. Basically, it all boils down to common sense, but knowing where to place the carpet requires giving it some thought.

Long Hair Carpets – Yay or Nay?

Long hair carpets are not so easy to maintain, but the good thing about them is that they will add the sense of luxury to your home and add a special flare. So if your home style is a bit boring you can spice things up with a large hair carpet that will have a place of its own and steal the show. This can be very effective and you will definitely make the most of the carpet if you get the best place for it.

Carpets With Patterns

Patterns are amazing, for one thing they can cover up stains, so you won’t have to get your carpet cleaned as often as you would had it been completely white. Choosing a pattern can also help your home get a touch of design that you might have been looking for in paintings or decorations. Treat the carpet as you would treat any type of decoration in your home.