How To Choose A Low-Maintenance Carpet

In this article you will learn more on how you too can choose a low-maintenance carpet and that will save Captain Carpet Cleaners some time! Jokes aside, choosing a carpet that is easy to clean and almost impossible to stain is an art form in its own right, that is why reading this article will make this a lot more easier on you. The experience that Mcdowell Benedetti Architects & Carpet Cleaning have assembled here for you is definitely worth your while reading.

Short Hair Carpets Are The Way To Go

If you want to choose a carpet that is easy to maintain, we suggest that you pick a carpet that is more on the shorter side of the hair. As you know there are carpets that have exceptionally long hair and that can look amazing as well, but imagine just if you would drop a piece of food it would stick there and you would not be able to remove it. Not to talk about human and dog hair that is difficult to remove from long hair carpets even with the best of vacuum cleaners! That is why choosing a carpet that has shorter hair is really the best thing you can do to make your job of maintaining your carpet easy.

Pick Out Patterns That Are Low-Maintenance

Apart from choosing hair that are low-maintenance, in carpet choice you should also pick out a pattern that is easy to keep clean, or the one that would cover up stains for you until you get the time to clean them. Light patterns are not a great idea, neither are geometrical patterns as they show every anomaly from the pattern. Instead choose an artistic or natural pattern, that is not so strict in its repetition and you will surely have the pattern of your carpet in your corner while fighting against nasty stains.

Colors That You Will Love And Maintain With Ease

Colors that are on the darker side of the spectrum will definitely make your job of keeping your carpet clean easier on you. We suggest rich colors such as magenta, or dark red, which can also cover up plenty of stains. Rich colors and darker colors cover up stains, but choosing earth tones will also help you maintain the appearance of a seemingly clean carpet for longer periods of time.

Carpets That Are Cheap

A carpet that is easy to maintain is the one which is easy to replace when the stains are impossible to remove. That is why choosing a carpet that is cheaper will save you time and worries from the start. If you want to not upset over stains, a cheaper carpet will definitely make it easier for you not to take each stain to heart.